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Covid in Argentina Today

Coronavirus: Can you visit Argentina today?

Author: Diego – Tours in Argentina / Updated to November, 2021

In Argentina, as in most of the countries of the world, the Covid has caused the paralysis of international tourism; and for this reason there was severe damage to the national economy. In the particular case of Argentina, the number of cases is currently very low and the number of vaccinated people is increasing.

Thanks to these good news, and after being closed for twenty months, the National Government has once again opened the borders of Argentina to international tourism, since last November 1!

The entry into the national territory of non-resident foreigners as of November 1, is subject to compliance with current immigration requirements, and the set of health requirements listed below:

– Have completed the complete vaccination schedule at least FOURTEEN (14) days before entering the country.

– Negative PCR test at origin carried out within SEVENTY-TWO (72) hours prior to entry and another PCR between the fifth and seventh day after entering the country.

People vaccinated with a complete scheme and tested that are negative, will be exempt from quarantine.

This is fantastic news for all those who want to visit the fascinating City of Buenos Aires and each of the beautiful corners of our amazing Argentina!

You can now visit Argentina! We hope to see you soon in Buenos Aires!

Author: Diego – Tours in Argentina / Updated to November, 2021

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