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Best Tours in Iguazú

Which are the Best Tours in Iguazú? Check our recommendations before visiting Iguazú Falls!

Author: Diego – Tours in Argentina / Posted on September 22, 2021

The Best Tours in Iguazú

This nature lover’s paradise will take your breath away. We recommend you start by visiting the national park located on the Argentine side, to which you should dedicate two full days of your itinerary. Walk its three main trails and do not miss the wonderful nautical excursion. Complement the Argentine side with a half-day excursion to the Brazilian national park with incredible views of the Iguazu Falls. In Iguazu we recommend the following tours:

Iguazú Argentina

The Iguazú National Park, located in Argentina, has three main trails inserted in a unique natural environment. These trails will allow you to get closer to enjoy the fabulous waterfalls and the majestic Devil’s Throat. It is one of the new 7 wonders of the world. Read more!

Iguazú Brazil

The spectacular views of the Iguazu Falls on the Argentine side are perfectly complemented by the panoramic views that you will get on the Brazilian side. It is just a trail but it is worth it. On the Brazilian side you will have a very different perspective of the falls. Read more!

Iguazú Brazil

Iguazú River

On both the Argentine and Brazilian sides there is the option of embarking to go up the Iguazú River, go through rapids, and stop in front of the falls to contemplate them for a few moments. Then get close enough to get very wet but very happy. Read more!

Boat ride Iguazú

Helicopter Ride

To appreciate the magnitude of the Iguazu Falls, there is the possibility of taking one of the daily helicopter tours that depart from the Brazilian side. These flights travel along the Iguazú River, the natural border between Argentina and Brazil. Read more!

Full Moon Ride

Only five nights a month the park opens at night to organize walking tours to the Devil’s Throat. After a train ride, you continue walking along the walkways until you reach the viewpoint. The glow of the full moon in the waters of the falls makes this tour a magical event. Read more!

Full moon ride Iguazú

Author: Diego – Tours in Argentina / Posted on September 22, 2021

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